The primary purpose of the Administration Commission is to assume responsibility for the functional, material and operational needs of the parish.

PASTORAL COUNCIL MEMBERS: Michael Acaldo and Paul Laborde

Aloysius Alive Newspaper Staff 

Our Aloysius Alive newspaper is published to our parishioners four to six times annually. Volunteers assist by composing articles, layout, and proofing.

  •  CONTACT: Ken Duhe

Communications Committee

Assistance is periodically needed with graphic design, website design, and updating the same, both for one-time and recurring projects during the year. 

    CONTACT:  Matt Zylicz and  Aline Landry


Facilities & Maintenance

Join our team of professionals in any of the construction trades, facilities and property management, real estate, interior design, and risk management to help us develop and monitor our master site plan and our long range deferred maintenance plan, security, and disaster preparedness plans. Our team provides valuable input during the design phase of our construction projects. This ministry includes Handy Helpers, the ministry that organizes spring and fall clean-up days. 

  • CONTACT: Bill Quirk

Office Volunteers and Office Mailings

Can you give some of your time occasionally to help our parish staff?  We sometimes need the assistance of volunteers for preparing certificates and bulk mailings, photocopying, shredding, and organizing supplies in our storage closets and cabinets.  
  • CONTACT: Matt Zylicz

Parish Fair, Auction and Golf Tournament

Our Co-Chairs every year need more than 500 volunteers to help organize and staff the Parish Fair, Silent & Live Auction, and Golf Tournament. There are many leadership roles involved with each event. 

Fair: Friday-Sunday, October 26-28, 2018                               
      CONTACT: William Biossat and Leigh-Anne Biossat                                                                                                


      CONTACT:  Dom Pere' & Ashley Peré 
Fair Bank:
       CONTACT:  Patrick Valluzzo
AUCTION: Friday, February 1, 2019
      CONTACT:  Jeanne McLellan
GOLF TOURNAMENT:  Monday, March 18, 2019 at University Club.
     CONTACT:  Randy Cangelosi


Parish History Committee  

Our parish was founded 63 years ago and has an amazing history rich with many unique features in need of preservation for posterity. We seek memories and memorabilia of our senior and lifelong members to document and record for the benefit of our newer and younger families, and future members. And history is in the making every day at Aloysius! We envision adding our history of facts, figures, and people to our website

    CONTACT:  Mary Churay and Alfred Cook


Photography Committee

Help us grow our electronic library of photos capturing the life and history of our St. Aloysius Parish Family!

We are always in need of photos from various events and activities throughout the year that can be selected for use in parish publications, including our weekly bulletin, Aloysius Alive newspaper, and our website. Photos capturing the history of St. Aloysius are also needed. High resolutions .jpg file images are needed as well as printed photos. Help is occasionally needed to convert printed photos to digital images.

     Contact:  Aline Landry 



Total Stewardship  Committees

Members of our total stewardship committee plan and coordinate the timing, vision, and programs of the  three phases of stewardship. The Committee members are the chairs of the three stewardship committees.


Stewardship of Ministry

We need volunteers who enjoy writing, speaking, or can work with “Jot Form.” Volunteers in this ministry prepare and present the Stewardship of Ministry weekend that provides parishioners with the opportunity to use their God given gifts and talents to serve one another and to build the kingdom. 

  • CONTACT: Paula Acaldo 

Stewardship of Offering

e need volunteers who enjoy writing and speaking to work in this ministry. Volunteers prepare and present the Stewardship of Offering weekend that provides parishioners with the opportunity to offer in thanksgiving to God our financial gifts, in recognition that all we have comes from God and is to be used for the common good of all. 

  • CONTACT:  Michael Acaldo

Stewardship of Prayer

olunteer opportunities for this ministry include writing articles for Aloysius Alive and the bulletin, preparing a mail-out to parishioners, and preparing and giving a presentation on prayer to the congregation during Mass. Stewardship of Prayer weekend provides parishioners with the opportunity to make a commitment to grow closer to God through personal prayer, community worship and spiritual formation.  

  • CONTACT:  Angela  and Jay Montalbano


Appointed Ministries

Please express your interest in serving in any of the ministries listed below, and we’ll remember your interest as soon as a vacancy or need arises. The designated and listed contact below may be in touch with you if more information is needed. Some of these ministries may require consent to a confidential background check.  


Finance Council

The members of the Finance Council are appointed by the Pastor and meet monthly.  They help the Pastor and staff prepare, review, and monitor parish, school, and child care center budgets, financial planning, Stewardship of Offering program, Parish Fair, Endowment Fund, and Capitol Campaigns.

RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Assisting in the preparation of the parish budget, overseeing finances of the Church, the School, the Child Care Center and the Fair, and collaborating with the Stewardship of Offering committee. 

      CONTACT: Dan Gardiner 


Information Technology Committee (IT) 

The IT Committee is a ministry that supports and advises the Pastor, Pastoral Council, and parish staff regarding our IT infrastructure needs to both improve effective communication with parishioners and insure we have AV capabilities for parish functions. The Committee is made up of industry professionals who are appointed by the Pastor. 

     CONTACT: Andy Thibodeaux



This critical ministry consists of five teams.  Each team, made up of approximately ten members and a team captain, rotates throughout the year in organizing church collections.  Members serve slighly less than once a month on average.  A professional or one with experience in banking or accounting could add value.  We invite you to express your interest in joining one of our teams.  Members are appointed by the Pastor. 
     CONTACT: Matt  Zylicz