Ministries/LeadershipCommunity Life

The purpose of the Community Life Commission is to create and foster a spirit of community, to reinforce and strengthen family bonds, and to identify needs so as to better meet the community life needs of the members of St. Aloysius Parish.

PASTORAL COUNCIL MEMBERS: Scott Ritter and Phillip Romano  
COMMISSION CO-CHAIRS: David Kerth and Tracy Evans

Coffee & Donuts 

A ministry that hosts the weekly coffee and donut reception after 9:00 a.m. Sunday Mass.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Picking up donuts and apple juice, setting up, making coffee and cleaning up. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Volunteers are usually scheduled 3 to 4 times a year. 
  • CONTACT: April Holcomb 

Christmas Crafts Group

A ministry that plans and coordinates an annual Advent craft event for children.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Preparing craft supplies for individual ease of use as well as demonstrating craft on day of event to children, if desired. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: One initial meeting; time commitment varies according to volunteer's availability. 
  • CONTACT: Jennifer Hodes

Family Life

A ministry that promotes "Family" with celebrations for all ages, including the St. Aloysius Feast Day celebration.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: The Family Life Committee volunteers will organize events, set up and decorate, serve food and clean-up. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Initial organizational meeting per event to coordinate responsibilities. 
  • CONTACT: Claire Grandy

Hosting Committee

A ministry that provides resources and support for parish receptions.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Assisting and planning events, recruiting volunteers to organize, prepare food, set up, serve, and clean up for First Eucharist and Confirmation receptions, and other receptions in the parish.
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Varies; as necessary. 
  • CONTACT: Allison Hoffpauir

A ministry that provides resources and opportunities for our senior parish members to be active and grow in Christian fellowship.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Assisting in the planning of events and participating in planned events. Senior Ministry activities include: information presentations, luncheons, trips, retreat, Bible studies and Five-O-Exercise. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Time varies according to event. 
  • CONTACT: Claire Grandy

Knights of Columbus

A ministry composed of Catholic men who work together to support their Church, their community and each other.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Promoting and coordinating social, athletic and fundraising functions. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Varies according to volunteer's availability with meetings on the second Thursday of each month. 
  • CONTACT: Brennan Kluka, Grand Knight

Mardi Gras Float

A ministry that promotes fellowship among parishioners during Mardi Gras season.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Participation in creating and preparing the float to ride in the Southdowns Parade. Adults must ride with children. $100 riding fee, including a $25 non-refundable deposit per person.
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Mandatory Krewe meeting in order to ride, in addition to volunteer hours preparing float and costumes. 
  • CONTACT: Nathan and Elizabeth Fourrier

Men's Club

A ministry that provides food and fellowship with guest speakers for male parishioners at scheduled meetings throughout the year and provides volunteer services to the parish and its ministries.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Organization and implementation of a men’s parish retreat, scheduled meetings throughout the year, and an annual crawfish boil, in addition to supporting parish events, including the Parish Golf Tournament, as the need arises. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Requested annual dues are $20.00 which covers dinner at regularly scheduled meetings. 
  • CONTACT: Drew Tessier


A ministry that supports Boy Scout, Cub Scout, and Girl Scout troops within our parish.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Coordinating and participating in scout activities. Adult volunteers are also needed as Merit Badge Counselors. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: To be determined at a later date. 
  • CONTACT: Greg Grandy (Boy Scouts) 278-7068,   or Erick Comeaux  (Cub Scouts), Cub Scout Pack 7 Website

Singles Social Group

A ministry that provides resources and opportunities for our parish's single adults to grow in Christian companionship.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Working with Catholic Diocese to promote social functions for parish singles.

Welcoming Committee

A ministry that welcomes newcomers to St. Aloysius Parish.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Coordinating and hosting two luncheons per year. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Varies according to volunteer's availability. 
  • CONTACT: Anne Roberts, Sydney Hebert, or Leslie Edwards, Co-chairs

Ambassadors Committee

A ministry that guides new parishioners throughout their first year of membership.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Providing an open line of communication for new parishioner families and encouraging involvement in ministries and community events. 
  • CONTACT: Megan Foco or Bridget LaBorde