The Education Commission is responsible for those ministries that form us in the knowledge and practice of our faith so that we may become more fully that community of faith envisioned in our parish mission statement.

PASTORAL COUNCIL MEMBERS: Maureen Dippel and Colleen Walker
COMMISSION CO-CHAIRS: Stephanie Crews and Maggie Engemann

Children’s Church     

This ministry provides a Sunday celebration of God’s word appropriate for young children (ages Pre-K through Second Grade) during the 9 & 11 AM Sunday Masses (when school is in session). We will meet from September through early May. 

      CONTACT: Ann Michael Lagarde 

             Children's Church Schedule

             Children's Church Volunteer

Confirmation Program Coordinators                                                            

We recruit parents who have previously served as small group facilitators to help direct the Confirmation program. Coordinators help in every aspect of the program, including recruiting facilitators, training volunteers, planning events, and aiding with the sacrament itself. Coordinators serve a three-year term.

      CONTACT: MacDougall Womack

Confirmation Small Group Facilitators                                                          

Parents of Confirmation candidates and other adults: do you enjoy working with teens in a goal-oriented and well-supported environment? Facilitators lead a small group of six to eight teens during our Confirmation program, including four home sessions, an orientation, closing service, and one-day retreat. Begins mid-August and ends in early November.

       CONTACT: MacDougall Womack 

First Communion/First Reconciliation Catechists                                    

First Reconciliation /Eucharist Catechists: Catechists lead small groups during the First Reconciliation/ Eucharist Candidate Retreats. Parish will provide training and lesson plan.

    CONTACT: Tricia Greely 

High School Parent Volunteers                                                                         

Parents, we need your help to maintain a vibrant High School Youth Group! Volunteer to help based on your availability—serving food, sending desserts, chaperoning a trip, or joining us more regularly to help with leading regular meetings and special events. We work around your schedule!   

     CONTACT:  MacDougall Womack 

High School Youth Group                                                                                  

Teens, are you looking for a fun atmosphere where you can be yourself without fear of judgement? Get involved with High School Youth Group! Regular meetings, called “Life Nights,” are hosted on Sunday evenings from 6:30-8:30 p.m. and feature games, praise & worship music, small groups, skits, and more! Youth Group also participates in summer mission trips, overnight retreats, and special events such as Disney World. Sign up for free Youth Group reminder texts by sending “aloysius” to 84576. There are no fees or ads.

       CONTACT: MacDougall Womack 

Infant Baptism Preparation                                                                               

Volunteers assist parents seeking Baptism for their children by conducting baptismal seminars and assisting with rites preceding Baptism as well as the Baptismal Celebration two or three times per year.

     CONTACT: Bryan and Susan Andries 

Junior High Parent Volunteers                                                                          

We need help from parents of junior high teens to support Youth Group by ordering food and helping with logistics. Enjoy a close view of the fun and faith growth by periodically chaperoning meetings and helping with fun events such as our food drive, one-day lock-in, trip to the New Orleans Pelicans, and more! Everyone is on a team, and your commitment can be flexible based on your schedule.

       CONTACT: MacDougall Womack 

Junior High Youth Group                                                                                   

Seventh and eighth grade teens love our junior high program for the fun, chance to make new friends, and first taste of independence. Junior high meetings are hosted once a month on Sunday mornings from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Meetings include icebreaker games, music, speakers, skits, inflatables, water slides, and more. Special events include a lock-in, food drive, trip to see the New Orleans Pelicans, and more!

     CONTACT: MacDougall Womack 

Music Makers Ministry                                                                                       

Come join our weekly gatherings to encourage music and fellowship among mothers and their young children on Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. in Gonzaga Hall Atrium.

     CONTACT:  Laken Mendoza or Mercie Moser

Parish School of Religion Catechists                                                             

PSR is Catholic education for children and teens who are not enrolled in a Catholic school. Participation is required for First Reconciliation, First Eucharist, and Confirmation. Students are grouped together by grade level, and classes are on Sundays each week from September to November and resumes in January and February. 

       Elementary PSR includes grades 1-6 and meets on Sunday mornings.

           CONTACT: Tricia Greely 

        2019-2020 PSR Grades 1-6 Schedule    2019-2020 PSR Grades 1-6 Registration Form       

      Junior High PSR includes grades 7 & 8 and meets on Sunday evenings.

        CONTACT: MacDougall Womack 

     High School PSR includes grades 9 & 10 and meets on Sunday evenings in conjunction with the High School Youth Group.

        CONTACT: MacDougall Womack 

Pray and Play Group                                                                                                       

Mothers and their young children have monthly gatherings to encourage fellowship, prayer, and fun. Leaders organize and/or host one monthly event per year.

    CONTACT: Laken Mendoza or Mercie Moser

SAS Athletics                                                                                                                        

Volunteers assist the Athletic Director through multiple volunteer activities. Opportunities include: coaching, field preparation, concessions, gate collection and site management.

   CONTACT: Darren Gremillion, Athletic Director

Speaker Series Ministry                                                                                                

Organizers of this ministry invite speakers to St. Aloysius Parish to enhance the spiritual life of the family. They help to coordinate speaker dates and food and other arrangements for the program. Speakers will offer practical faith-centered ways to help children and their parents grow in their Catholic faith and to make effective faith based decisions in today’s modern world.

    CONTACT: Lynnel Ruckert  or Lauren Walker 

Vacation Bible School                                                                                                       

This ministry is a four-day summer program for children Kindergarten through sixth grade. If you are willing to teach or to assist with crafts, story time, games, or refreshments, we need your help! Junior volunteers from seventh through twelfth grades are needed to assist the adult volunteers. June 8-11, 2020.

   CONTACT: Tricia Greely

Youth Group Adult Core Team                                                                                      

This amazing team of adults, from college sophomores to parents, works with teens and aids our high school and junior high youth groups. It’s a very rare ministry which utilizes a wide range of different talents and can be customized to your schedule. You will find great friends and a supportive community, especially if you are having doubts about God and religion.  Meets most often on Sunday evenings once or twice a month.

   CONTACT: MacDougall Womack 

Youth Leadership Team                                                                                                   

Teen leaders help plan and lead events for high school and junior high youth group. You will meet new friends, learn leadership skills, and grow in your faith. Teens may apply in April each year and participate in an interview with the Adult Core Team. Training includes a two-day event in June at St. Aloysius and an off-campus weekend retreat in July.

    CONTACT: MacDougall Womack 

Appointed Ministries

Please express your interest in serving in any of the ministries listed below, and we’ll remember your interest as soon as a vacancy or need arises. The designated and listed contact below may be in touch with you if more information is needed. Some of these ministries may require consent to a confidential background check.  

Child Care Center (CCC) Parent Council                                                                                                

The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the CCC Director in matters involving various areas of importance. These areas include, but are not limited to, Administrative Support, Parental Involvement, Spirituality/Education, Facilities, Fundraising, and Communications. Council meetings are held monthly or more often if necessary. The Council is constituted by parents appointed by the CCC Director.

    CONTACT: Sharon Mason, Director

SAS Advisory Committee                                                                                                                          

A ministry that provides assistance to the school principal in the overall operations of St. Aloysius School. Members are appointed by the Principal, with the endorsement of the Pastor, and are advisory to the Principal.

    CONTACT: Erin Candilora, Principal 

SAS Come, Lord Jesus                                                                                                  

Parents are invited to express interest and the Principal appoints facilitators to work with a small group of eighth grade students on personal prayer and spirituality.

  CONTACT: Jennifer Usher  or  Lissa Weston 

School (SAS) Finance Committee                                                                                                             

Members of the SAS Finance Committee are appointed by the Principal, with the endorsement of the Pastor, and are advisory to the Principal concerning the school budget, and other financial matters, as needed.

    CONTACT: Erin Candilora 

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