The Education Commission is responsible for those ministries that form us in the knowledge and practice of our faith so that we may become more fully that community of faith envisioned in our parish mission statement.

PASTORAL COUNCIL MEMBERS: Ann Michael Lagarde and Aimee Dawes
COMMISSION CO-CHAIRS: Mary Elizabeth Carruth and Allison Pham


Confirmation Small Group Facilitators 

A ministry that coordinates sacramental preparation for the celebration of Confirmation.

    • Journeying with high school juniors on their walk through our confirmation program
    • Partnering with a second adult to lead a small group of six to eight teens
    • Opening your home to that small group for four home sessions
    • Being a welcoming, encouraging resource to those teens
    • Attending a daylong confirmation retreat where small groups truly have the opportunity to bond 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Four home sessions on Sunday afternoons or evenings, depending on your availability (Sept & Oct). Overnight confirmation retreat in mid-September. Two training sessions, one for the home sessions and one for the retreat. 
  • CONTACT: MacDougall Womack

Youth Ministry

A ministry that promotes spiritual growth and guidance for the parish youth.

  • High School Youth Group Member
    ​Teens in high school are invited to join the high school youth group and have fun at Life Nights, summer trips, softball, and retreats! High School youth group meets in the Parish Hall on Sunday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm. Meetings are called “Life Nights,” and everyone is welcome. There are alaina.rowley@gmail.comno sign-up forms to complete! Some activities include: 
    • Retreats
    • Icebreaker games
    • Small groups
    • Speakers
    • Praise & worship music 
    • Adoration
    • Confession
    • Softball
    • Game nights
    • Trips to San Antonio, Disney World, and Vacherie (mission trip)
  • Meetings include dinner and end at 8:30pm. All are welcome!
  • High School Youth Leadership Team
  • Teens in high school offer leadership and creativity to the high school and junior high youth ministry programs during meetings, retreats, trips, and other special activities. Teens are invited to apply for Youth Leadership Team each spring. This team helps to lead the youth group and commits to striving toward extraordinary holy lives and supporting each other. Training is essential to the leadership team; a two-day training is held at St. Aloysius in early June, and a weekend training is held in August.
  • High School Youth Ministry
  • A ministry for parents and young adults which focuses on high school teens and gives them opportunities to feel welcome and a part of our parish. The major focus is Sunday evening meetings, called “Life Nights.” Adults are invited to join the Adult Core Team, which ministers to teens in the following areas: 
    • Food committee – coordinates meals for youth group meetings on Sunday evenings 
    • Environment committee – plans and sets up ambiance for youth group meetings
    • Planning teams – plans and organizes youth group meetings (Life Nights)
    • Softball and summer fun – runs the summer softball team and hosts casual game nights 
    • Service committee – brainstorms and organizes service projects 
    • Variety show committee – annual variety show fundraiser hosted the Sunday before MLK Day 
    • Fall Retreat – annual retreat over a weekend in October.
    • San Antonio trip – annual trip for grading 8th graders over Memorial Day weekend
    • Vacherie mission trip – annual week-long mission trip to Vacherie, Louisiana, in July
    • Disney trip – trip to Disney World every other year over the Mardi Gras holidays 
  • Adults are also needed to transport teens, take photos, and publicize events. The Adult Core Team has an annual training/planning event as well as ongoing training throughout each semester.
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Adult volunteers meet with our youth leadership team on the first Tuesday of every month. Life Nights are hosted on Sunday evenings approximately twice a month. Commitments can be based on your availability and/or interest! 
  • CONTACT: MacDougall Womack
  • Junior High Youth Group Member
  • Teens in seventh and eighth grades are invited to join the junior high youth group and enjoy fellowship with their friends through a variety of activities! Teens need not be enrolled at St. Aloysius School to join! Junior High meetings are held in the gym on Sunday mornings from 10:30am-12:30pm once a month. Some of the activities include: 
    • Inflatables
    • Food drive scavenger hunt
    • A night in New Orleans attending an NBA game
    • A lock-in featuring games and a dance party
    • Various service projects
    • An end of the year party
  • Junior High Youth Ministry
  • A ministry for parents and young adults specifically focusing on ministering to 7th and 8th grade students.
    • Coordinate food for Jr High meetings on Sunday mornings (once a month), 
    • Host and/or help chaperone the annual Food Drive Scavenger Hunt (October), 
    • Help chaperone the annual trip to New Orleans for an NBA game, 
    • Help chaperone and/or coordinate the Jr High evening Lock-in (February), 
    • Help coordinate the Living Stations of the Cross (during Lent)
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Eight junior high youth group meetings per year (responsibilities rotate). Commitments can be based on your availability and/or interest! 
  • CONTACT: MacDougall Womack
  • Young Adult Ministry 
  • Young adults aid in ministering to high school and junior high teens while building community. Also helps to coordinate with various young adult events run by the Diocese. Young adults are invited to join the Adult Core Team, which is a group of young adults committed to building up youth of St. Aloysius Parish through leadership, mentorship, catechesis, service, faith formation, and fellowship. ACT members plan and facilitate High School Youth Group Meetings, as well as coordinate and chaperone special events throughout the semester. 
  • See High School Youth MinistryJunior High Youth Ministry, and Adult Volunteering for more information! 
  • The Adult Core Team has an annual training/planning event as well as ongoing training throughout each semester.
    CONTACT: MacDougall Womack

Parish School of Religion

A ministry that teaches the faith, tradition, and values to children attending non-parochial schools. Elementary PSR is provided for first through sixth grade students while secondary PSR is geared toward seventh through twelfth graders. This ministry includes Program Directors and Catechists. 

  • PROGRAM DIRECTORS RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Opening classrooms, greeting students, monitoring sign in/out process and returning attendance sheets to Parish Office.
    • SECONDARY PSR: 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. on approximately 12-14 Sundays from September to April. 
    • -CONTACT: MacDougall Womack 
  • CATECHISTS RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Working as part of a team to provide religious instruction. Elementary and Jr. High School teams work from an established curriculum. High School team curriculum based upon existing materials.
    • ELEMENTARY PSR: 8:45 a.m.-10:45 a.m. Sundays, Fall & Spring. 
    • CONTACT: Tricia Greely 
    • SECONDARY PSR: 6:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. on approximately 12-14 Sundays from September to April. 
    • CONTACT: MacDougall Womack

Children's Church

A ministry that is sure to put faith into action for both adults and youth alike. Children’s Church is an age-appropriate Liturgy of the Word offered for children in PreK through 2nd grade at most 9am and 11am masses. No pre-registration is necessary. All children are welcome and encouraged to attend.
  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Volunteers are needed to teach the lessons each week, as well as to assist with the supervision of the children. We are also looking for one volunteer at each Mass to lead the music in the Liturgy of the Word. This is a great opportunity for adults and middle school/high school youth to help these eager youngsters learn the Word of the Lord.
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: September 16, 2018 -April 28,2019.  Almost every Sunday except for certain holidays and specified Sundays.
  • See schedule below.
  • SAS Media Center
  • CONTACT: Ann Michael Lagarde
  • Children's Church Volunteer 
  • Children's Church Schedule

Vacation Bible School 

A ministry that organizes a one-week summer program for children ages kindergarten to sixthth grade.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Teaching or assisting with crafts, story time, games and refreshments. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Varies according to volunteer's availability. 
  • CONTACT: Tricia Greely

Music Makers Ministry

A ministry that coordinates weekly gatherings to encourage music and fellowship among mothers and their children.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Playing with your own child and interacting with other families. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Group meets on Thursday at 9:30 a.m. in Gonzaga Hall Bl Seelos Room. 
  • CONTACT:  Erin Rice

Pray and Play Group

A ministry that coordinates monthly gatherings to encourage fellowship among mothers and their children.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Organizing and/or hosting one monthly event per year. 
  • CONTACT: Kristen Overall or Erin Rice

Infant Baptism Preparation

A ministry that assists parents seeking Baptism for their children.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Conducting baptismal seminars and assisting with rites preceding Baptism as well as the Baptismal Celebration. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Two or three times a year. 
  • CONTACT:  Susan and Bryan Andries

Speaker Series Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to invite speakers to St. Aloysius Parish to enhance the spiritual life of the family. Speakers will offer practical faith-centered ways to help children and their parents grow in their Catholic faith and to make effective faith based decisions in today’s modern world.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Research/secure speakers; coordinate speaker dates; event promotion; invite volunteers to help with childcare (must be Child Protection certified) during the event. 3 to 4 events a year. 
  • CONTACT: Tricia Greely


Home and School 

A ministry that provides parent and/or grandparent-staffed volunteer services to St. Aloysius School. More information can be found in the SAS Student Directory. 

SAS Come, Lord Jesus

A ministry that works with a small group of eighth grade students on personal prayer and spirituality.

SAS Coordinating Committee

A ministry that provides assistance to the school principal in the overall operations of St. Aloysius School. Members are appointed.

School/Faculty Staff

A ministry that provides educational, spiritual and religious formation for children pre-school through eighth grade.

SOS Service Club

A ministry that promotes the spirit of service by offering a variety of volunteer opportunities to students in seventh and eighth grade.


A ministry of St. Aloysius School that assists the Athletic Director through multiple volunteer activities. Opportunities include: coaching, field preparation, concessions, gate collection and site management.


Child Care Center Parent Council

The purpose of the Council is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Director in matters involving various areas of importance. These areas include, but are not limited to, Administrative Support, Parental Involvement, Spirituality/Education, Facilities, Fundraising, and Communications.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Attend monthly meetings to facilitate communication between parents and the administration in an ongoing effort to support the quality of care provided. While the Council is not a policy-making body, it assists the adminstration with strategic planning by providing parental viewpoints and feedback about proposed changes that affect the Center as a whole and working with the administration to review various aspects operations, including teacher retention, parental and employee handbooks, fundraising, finance, food service, extracurricular activities, changes in procedures or services, and facilities issues. The Council also oversees the structure of parent committees, ensuring each have clear charges and leadership in place. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Council meetings are held monthly or more often if an event requires additional meeting times. 
  • CONTACT: Kim Blair