Ministries/LeadershipSpiritual Growth

The purpose of the Spiritual Growth Commission is to promote formation and growth of communal and personal spirituality.

PASTORAL COUNCIL MEMBERS: Harold Odom and Glen St. Martin
COMMISSION CO-CHAIRS: Mary Dawson and Sharon McCarthy


Adoration Chapel

Spend an hour with Jesus every third Saturday from 9:00 a.m-3:00 p.m.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: A one-hour commitment once a month-whatever hour is convenient on the third Saturday.
  • CONTACT: Ross McCalip

Adult Come, Lord Jesus 

A ministry of small groups that meet for prayer using Sunday readings.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Self-development through personal prayer and spirituality. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Approximately once a week. 
  • CONTACT: Jane Sherman

Adult Formation

A ministry that provides educational and spiritual growth opportunities to the parish.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Facilitating classes, programs, and other events on varied topics; involvement also includes providing refreshments and other supportive services. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Varies according to volunteer's availability. 
  • CONTACT: Katherine Lewis or Justin Ourso

Creighton Retreat

An Ignatian retreat following the liturgical year to experience God’s grace in the midst of our busy lives.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Group meets for one hour twice a month from September-May, except for holidays. 
  • WOMEN'S GROUP CONTACT: Sr. Janelle Sevier

Divine Mercy

A novena in preparation for celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday. It begins on Good Friday and ends on the Saturday after Easter.

Engaged Sponsor Couple

A ministry that assists the Priest in the preparation of engaged couples for marriage.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: A husband and wife team meeting in their home with the engaged couple. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: From two to five weekly, two-hour sessions per engaged couple; usually assist two couples per year. 
  • CONTACT: Erica and Kerry Badeaux or Annie and Chris Stogner


A ministry that maintains the parish library.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Organizing periodicals, books and videos as well as monitoring the return of borrowed items. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Varies according to volunteer's availability. 
  • CONTACT: Rebecca East

Little Rock Scripture Study

Scripture study. Limited reservations due to parish renovations.


This ministry meets on a weekly basis to serve the spiritual and fellowship needs of the women of the parish, especially with young children.  Following a book study format, we dive into topics that challenge and encourage our vocation of motherhood, with Mary as our primary teacher and intercessor.

  • CONTACT: Jena Cook 

Prayer Line

A ministry whose members pray for the special intentions of others.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Praying for, receiving and passing along prayer requests/special intentions. Intentions are submitted to the prayer line by phone and by email to
  • CONTACT: Odette Collett, 766-5470  & Sr. Janelle

RCIA Ministries 

A ministry to those preparing for membership in the Church through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).

  • RCIA Sponsor accompanies a candidate throughout the Rite
  • RCIA Scripture Session Leader would be responsible for presenting a scripture session to the candidates
  • RCIA Hospitality Committee member would be responsible for refreshments for all RCIA meetings and sessions, as well as the Easter Vigil reception
  • RCIA Children's Ministries member would be a catechist for children entering the Church through RCIA.
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Sunday sessions after 9:00 a.m. Mass until 11:00 a.m. as well as retreats and Rites.
  • CONTACT: Mark Christian

Rosary Group

A ministry whose members meet to recite the rosary together.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Meeting at 7:30 p.m. every second Monday of the month in church to recite the rosary. An opportunity for fellowship is available after prayer. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: One day a month. 
  • CONTACT: Bill Holden 
  • Meeting during the school year after Wednesday assembly, approximately 8:00 a.m. in the church office 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Once a week during school calendar year
  • CONTACT: Carol Regan
  • For other groups available, contact:Rebecca East

A ministry that promotes a connecting of faith and life events.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Formation and participation in new SCC, assisting current SCC groups with faith development, and planning an annual gathering. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Varies by group; developmental group meets quarterly. 
  • CONTACT: Rebecca East


A ministry that instigates programs to spark interest in considering a religious vocation.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Developing videos, brochures, articles, etc. and promoting religious vocations 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Varies according to volunteer's availability. 
  • CONTACT: Armando Corripio & Rebecca East