Ministries/LeadershipSpiritual Growth

The purpose of the Spiritual Growth Commission is to promote formation and growth of communal and personal spirituality.

PASTORAL COUNCIL MEMBERS: Harold Odom and Glen St. Martin
COMMISSION CO-CHAIRS: Mary Dawson and Sharon McCarthy


Adoration Chapel

Spend an hour with Jesus every third Saturday from 9:00 a.m-3:00 p.m.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: A one-hour commitment once a month-whatever hour is convenient on the third Saturday.
  • CONTACT: Ross McCalip

Adult Come, Lord Jesus 

A ministry of small groups that meet for prayer using Sunday readings.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Self-development through personal prayer and spirituality. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Approximately once a week. 
  • CONTACT: Jane Sherman

Adult Formation

A ministry that provides educational and spiritual growth opportunities to the parish.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Facilitating classes, programs, and other events on varied topics; involvement also includes providing refreshments and other supportive services. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Varies according to volunteer's availability. 
  • CONTACT: Katherine Lewis or Justin Ourso

Creighton Retreat

An Ignatian retreat following the liturgical year to experience God’s grace in the midst of our busy lives.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Group meets for one hour twice a month from September-May, except for holidays. 
  • WOMEN'S GROUP CONTACT: Sr. Janelle Sevier

Divine Mercy

A novena in preparation for celebrating Divine Mercy Sunday. It begins on Good Friday and ends on the Saturday after Easter.

Engaged Sponsor Couple

A ministry that assists the Priest in the preparation of engaged couples for marriage.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: A husband and wife team meeting in their home with the engaged couple. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: From two to five weekly, two-hour sessions per engaged couple; usually assist two couples per year. 
  • CONTACT: Erica and Kerry Badeaux or Annie and Chris Stogner


A ministry that maintains the parish library.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Organizing periodicals, books and videos as well as monitoring the return of borrowed items. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Varies according to volunteer's availability. 
  • CONTACT:  Mark Christian

Little Rock Scripture Study

Scripture study. Limited reservations due to parish renovations.

Marriage Enrichment Ministry

A ministry that  is focused on bringing the importance of the sacrament of marriage to couples of all ages and backgrounds. This is done through fellowship and events to enrich and strengthen the marriage bond, with a goal to bring the true spirit and love of marriage as God intended through Partners on the Journey.

Marriage Enrichment Ministry Videos- Partners on the Journey

      CONTACT: Sr. Janelle Sevier



This ministry meets on a weekly basis to serve the spiritual and fellowship needs of the women of the parish, especially with young children.  Following a book study format, we dive into topics that challenge and encourage our vocation of motherhood, with Mary as our primary teacher and intercessor.

  • CONTACT: Jena Cook 

Prayer Line

A ministry whose members pray for the special intentions of others.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Praying for, receiving and passing along prayer requests/special intentions. Intentions are submitted to the prayer line by phone and by email to
  • CONTACT: Odette Collett, 766-5470  & Sr. Janelle

RCIA Ministries 

A ministry to those preparing for membership in the Church through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).

  • RCIA Sponsor accompanies a candidate throughout the Rite
  • RCIA Scripture Session Leader would be responsible for presenting a scripture session to the candidates
  • RCIA Hospitality Committee member would be responsible for refreshments for all RCIA meetings and sessions, as well as the Easter Vigil reception
  • RCIA Children's Ministries member would be a catechist for children entering the Church through RCIA.
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Sunday sessions after 9:00 a.m. Mass until 11:00 a.m. as well as retreats and Rites.
  • CONTACT: Mark Christian

Rosary Group

A ministry whose members meet to recite the rosary together.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Meeting at 7:30 p.m. every second Monday of the month in church to recite the rosary. An opportunity for fellowship is available after prayer. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: One day a month. 
  • CONTACT: Bill Holden 
  • Meeting during the school year after Wednesday assembly, approximately 8:00 a.m. in the church office 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Once a week during school calendar year
  • CONTACT: Carol Regan
  • For other groups available, contact:Mark Christian

Small Christian Community Ministry

A ministry that promotes a connecting of faith and life events.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Formation and participation in new SCC, assisting current SCC groups with faith development, and planning an annual gathering. 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Varies by group; developmental group meets quarterly. 
  • CONTACT: Mark Christian


A ministry that instigates programs to spark interest in considering a religious vocation.

  • RESPONSIBILITIES INCLUDE: Developing videos, brochures, articles, etc. and promoting religious vocations 
  • TIME COMMITMENT/MEETINGS: Varies according to volunteer's availability. 
  • CONTACT: Armando Corripio & Mark Christian