The purpose of the Worship Commission is to lead the community to "full, conscious, and active participation" in the liturgy of the Church.

PASTORAL COUNCIL MEMBERS: Cooper Roberts and Annette Cotton 
COMMISSION CO-CHAIRS: Joanne Roberts and Sherry Gillio

DIRECTOR OF WORSHIP: Kenneth Thevenet   225-343-6657 ext 20


Altar Server Committee                                                                                        

A committee composed of parents and other adults who plan and organize training and activities for the Youth Altar Servers. This committee conducts the training sessions for Youth Servers, provides refreshments for events, washes robes and supports the Altar Server Ministry in many ways.

     CONTACT: Wren Eagleton or Scott Roussel 


Altar Servers                                                                                                            

These are the children and youth (5th grade and older) who assist the priest and deacon at weekend and Holy Day Masses, and the adults who do the same at weekday Masses. Training sessions for new altar servers are held in the Fall and Spring. Servers are assigned Masses on a rotating basis. 

   CONTACT: Wren Eagleton or Scott Roussel .


Art and Environment Committee                                                                       

A ministry that prepares the seasonal décor of the church building. Members are responsible for setting up liturgical items, decorations, floral arrangements & banners in the church for the major feasts and seasons of the liturgical year. Planning meetings and work days will be scheduled at various times in preparation for Advent & Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, the Triduum, and Easter. 

    CONTACT: Cheryl Frost 


Festival Ringers, A Hand Bell Choir                                                                 

Our fun and challenging Hand Bell Choir, open to teens and adults, adds festivity and variety to the music of the liturgy. The group prepares and provides music for Masses scheduled regularly.  If you have experience playing an instrument, consider joining the Festival Ringers. Rehearsals are held each Monday from 6:00-7:00 p.m. in the Convent Music Room.

    CONTACT: Lenny Long 



Those serving in this ministry proclaim the Word of God at Sunday Mass and other liturgical celebrations. After initial training, responsibilities for this ministry include the individual preparation and study of the scripture readings for Mass. Weekday Mass Readers usually serve one day out of the week; Sunday Mass Readers serve every 4 to 6 weeks depending on the Mass time.

    CONTACT: Lorri Mayhall or Lynn Delahaye 


Renewal Singers                                                                                                   

A diverse group of singers and instrumentalists provides liturgical music from many traditions, and in a variety of styles at the 11:00 a.m. Sunday Mass. We welcome high school, adult and senior singers and instrumentalists. Members of this group will join with other parish musicians to sing for the major feast days and solemnities in the church year. Rehearsals are held each Wednesday from 7:00-8:30 p.m. in the Convent Choir Room.

    CONTACT: Ken Thevenet 


Resurrection Choir                                                                                               

Come help us support our parishioners who are suffering loss with the gift of music.  A bereavement ministry of St. Aloysius Church, this choir provides liturgical music for funeral celebrations. Singers are available for rehearsals and liturgies during the day as needed for parish funerals.

    CONTACT: Ken Thevenet 



This ministry prepares the altar and church for the celebration of the liturgy. Volunteers are assigned to a team that serves each week for one month in the year.  Sacristan responsibilities include the caring of altar linens (washing and ironing purificators, corporals, and altar cloths), and light cleaning and straightening of the church building.

    CONTACT: Jan Shaw 


St. Aloysius Children’s Choir                                                                               

A choir for students in fourth through eighth grade who love to sing provides music for the 11:00 a.m. Mass, one Sunday of the month. Singers who attend all schools are welcome to participate in this choir. Weekly rehearsals are held during the school year on Thursdays from 3:00 p.m. until 4:00p.m. in the Convent Choir Room.

    CONTACT: Shannan O'Dowd


St. Aloysius Chorale                                                                                               

Do you attend the 9:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday and love to sing?  This choir leads the singing of the assembly at 9:00 a.m. Mass each Sunday. They also join with other parish musicians to sing for the major feast days of the church year. We welcome singers of all ages from high school youth to seniors.  The Chorale’s repertoire leans toward more traditional sacred music with organ accompaniment.  Rehearsals are held before Sunday Mass from 8:00 a.m. until 9:00 a.m. in the Convent Choir Room.

    CONTACT: Ken Thevenet 


Sunday Evening Music Ministry                                                                        

These musicians provide liturgical music for the 5:30 p.m. Sunday Mass. High School and College age singers and instrumentalists are invited to join this music group. Rehearsals are held at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday in Convent Choir Room and as needed during the week.

    CONTACT: Erik Gudiel 


Ushers/Ministers of Hospitality                                                                        

Open to middle school age youth, as well as both men and women, the Ushers Ministry creates a welcoming atmosphere for people who gather at St. Aloysius for worship. Responsibilities include welcoming people upon their arrival at the doors of the Church, assisting them with seating and receiving the offerings of those who attend our  Sunday Masses. Each Usher will serve at a particular Mass time according to the volunteer’s availability.

    CONTACT: Philip Romano or David Heroman 


Youth Liturgical Ministers                                                                                  

Middle school and high school age parishioners are welcome to serve in the liturgical ministries at St. Aloysius Church. You may serve as an Usher, in the Music Ministry, as a Reader, or Altar Server. We also need Youth to work on the Art and Environment Committee. Confirmed High School students may serve as Eucharistic Ministers.

   CONTACT: Ken Thevenet 


Appointed Ministries

As mentioned earlier we have many ministries which require an appointment, either by the Pastor, School Principal, or CCC Director (either because of limited vacancies or because of the special skills, expertise, training, and other qualifications for the ministry), in which you’re invited to express interest. Please express your interest in serving in any of the ministries listed below, and we’ll remember your interest as soon as a vacancy or need arises. The designated and listed contact below may be in touch with you if more information is needed. Some of these ministries may require consent to a confidential background check.



These specially trained singers animate the singing of the assembly for Masses and other liturgical celebrations. Responsibilities include chanting the responsorial psalm, teaching new music, singing solo parts, and occasionally making announcements. Their main role is to model for the assembly the ways that we actively participate in the liturgy. If you have experience as a cantor, or would like to discern service in this important ministry.

    CONTACT: Ken Thevenet 


Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion                                                        

Sometimes called “Eucharistic Ministers” this lay ministry assists the priest and deacon (the “Ordinary Ministers”) in the distribution of Holy Communion during Mass. After initial training and a period of prayerful discernment, these ministers may serve one day a week for weekday Masses, and approximately every two to three weeks for Sunday Masses.

    CONTACT: Rusty Daigle or Chris Christensen 


Funeral Coordinators                                                                                                       

Similar to Mass Coordinators, Funeral Coordinators assist in the setup of the rituals and the coordination of liturgical ministers at parish funerals. After training and a time of discernment, you will be appointed to a team of ministers who are responsible on a rotating basis for serving funerals during the week and on Saturdays.

   CONTACT: Ken Thevenet  or Connie Planche 


Organist, Pianist and Instrumentalist                                                                          

If you are a gifted musician, we would like for you to share your talent with our parish. St. Aloysius Church is blessed to have a  32 rank mechanical action, Casavant pipe organ. We also have several grand pianos and use piano accompaniment with many of our choirs. We incorporate a wide variety of musical instruments (woodwinds, strings, brass, guitar and percussion) in our liturgies.

   CONTACT: Ken Thevenet 


Sunday Mass Coordinators                        

These ministers assist in the coordination of Ushers, Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, Readers, as well as, the facilities at each Sunday Mass. Their responsibilities include: the setup for rites, organization of rituals and ministers, monitoring sound, lights, air conditioning, fire alarms, etc. during Sunday Mass. Special training and a process of discernment will be provided for each Mass Coordinator. A volunteer will serve approximately one Mass a month.

    CONTACT: Patrick Hebert or  Erick Comeaux 


Wedding Coordinators                                                                                                   

Wedding Coordinators are appointed to assist couples and the presiding clergy in the celebration of parish weddings. They conduct rehearsals, set up for the wedding liturgy, organize the processions, and coordinate all liturgical ministers in a wedding. After special training and a process of discernment, you will be appointed to a team of ministers who serve seasonally on a rotating basis.

    CONTACT: Ken Thevenet 



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