Youth Confirmation

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The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated at St. Aloysius in the fall of each year. Candidates should be in eleventh or twelfth grade; any adults seeking to be confirmed should call the parish office (225-343-6657) and ask for Deacon Chauvin or email

Confirmation candidates require three years of preparation, most commonly achieved via Catholic school or the St. Aloysius PSR program. If your teen is not currently enrolled in a Catholic high school or a PSR program please email MacDougall Womack.

As part of the Confirmation preparation candidates meet in small groups at the homes of parishioners, typically parents, who serve as confirmation facilitators. These small group sessions are the core of the program, as they help explain and expound on our shared Catholic faith. Teens treasure the opportunity to be in community with their peers and in a space which is free of judgment. An orientation, overnight retreat, service project, and closing service is also part of the preparation.

Candidates choose their own sponsors, who are tasked with journeying with their candidate through the preparation and after the sacrament itself, seeking to help them understand what it means to be an adult Catholic.

The Confirmation journey starts in August and culminates in November. Registration meetings are held in April. You may also email MacDougall Womack to ask for materials or inquire about Confirmation.


Adult Confirmation

Confirmation Sponsor Eligibility Form

Never Been Confirmed?

The Sacrament of Confirmation completes the grace of Baptism, more perfectly binds one to the Church, and enriches one with a special strength of the Holy Spirit.  Are you a St. Aloysius parishioner who has received First Communion and First Reconciliation, is out of high school, but never has been confirmed? For more information email  Deacon Chauvin or call the parish office (343-6657).