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How can adults get involved with youth group?

We need adults of all ages and skill sets to help make youth group a safe, welcoming place! Adults can volunteer with youth group, confirmation, and/or PSR. This page deals primarily with youth group volunteers; please click here to be redirected to Confirmation or for Parish School of Religion.

You can volunteer to help junior high or high school youth group by serving food at meetings, driving teens to special events away from campus, chaperoning trips or retreats, setting up environment for meetings, and more! Look to the important links column to the right to find volunteer forms for these activities.

The most involved way to minister to our teens is to join the Adult Core Team, a group of volunteers who plan and lead youth group meetings, retreats, summer trips, and other special events. They will be profiled in more detail below.

All adult volunteers with Youth Ministries are expected to be child-protection certified before they can work with teens. This is a secure diocesan process which includes a background check. Please click here to email Connie Planche for a child protection packet.


What is the Adult Core Team (ACT)?

The Adult Core Team is a group of adults who volunteer with the youth groups and the Youth Leadership Team. They range in age from college students to middle-aged parents; anyone is welcome to join the Core Team! Click here to email MacDougall and volunteer!

The core team has two major goals: To be involved in relational ministry with our youth group teens and to provide leadership and structure for a planning team of teen leaders.

The ACT is a very welcoming group of adults which looks for opportunities to spend time together and grow in our own friendships. From eating dinner to celebrating Christmas or watching a parade together, the core team is always looking for new ways to meet great people!


What are the expectations of the ACT?

Volunteers on the ACT typically choose to be involved with the High School Youth Group or Junior High Youth Group. They are part of a planning team, which consists of three to four teen leaders and two or three adult leaders. Planning teams prepare to lead youth group meetings, including organizing icebreakers, recruiting speakers, and building small group experiences, and other components. Planning teams have two events per semester.

We understand how difficult it is to be present one hundred percent of the time. ACT members are asked to attend our leadership team meetings on the first Tuesday of every month as well as the meetings which their team plans. Otherwise we simply ask these volunteers to be as present as possible!

We have found that the volunteers who are the most involved are the ones who receive the most joy from this ministry. In that way this team follows most organizations in life: you get out of it what you put into it!

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