Youth MinistriesHSYG March Madness 2018

All high school teens are invited to join our free March Madness tournament! There will certainly be prizes for our winner.


Here are the important details if you know how to participate already:

Group name: SAS Youth Group 2018

Group password: ygfam


If you'd like more instructions, keep reading!

How it works:

Each year, 68 NCAA teams are selected to play in the season ending tournament to figure out who the National Championship Team is. It's the playoffs of NCAA Basketball. Just like any other sport that has a championship tournament at the end of their season, teams play a game, and if they win, they move on. If they lose, they go home.

How you can be involved:

This Sunday night, the bracket for the tournament will be revealed. After it is revealed, YOU can pick who you think will win each game, all the way down to the championship game. You pick each game, for all rounds, all before Thursday. Once you finish picking every game, you can submit your bracket to the group (I'll explain how to do that later). You can continue revising/changing/updating your picks all the way until THURSDAY MORNING at 9:00AM. As soon as the first game actually starts, your bracket WILL BE LOCKED (again, around 9:00AM Thursday Morning) and you cannot make any changed from then on.

TIP: You will see that every team has a number ranging from 1-16. The teams with a 1 by their name are the best teams (or they have been the best over the most of the season) and the teams with 16 are the worst. But don't let that fool you too often because there is ALWAYS upsets. A 12 team might beat a 5 happens every year actually. So don't just pick based on numbers!

For some people, the excitement will simply be picking teams based on a number of factors from "I like their name" "I like their mascot" or "I like their team colors".

For others, the excitement comes when their team loses to a last second shot, or wins on a last second shot. The thrill is pretty awesome honestly (even if you don't like sports).

How you WIN:

Each game you pick correctly, you win points. Each game you choose incorrectly, you get 0 points. Each game in the first round is worth 10 points. Each game in the second round is worth 20 points. Each game in the 3rd round (better known as the Sweet 16) is worth 40 points. I think you get the picture that each round doubles in points. The maximum number of points you can earn each round is 360. As you can probably tell, it is more important that the teams you have playing in the championship game continue winning, because they have the potential to earn you the most points. So it is okay if you have a few wrong picks in the first round, as long as they weren't teams you had selected to win a lot of games.

At the end of the tournament, the person who's bracket scored the most points, wins the group! There will be a prize, we aren't sure what that will be yet.

How to join:

Go to and create a FREE account by clicking up in the right hand corner where is says "sign in or sign up". Next, click again near the right hand corner where it says "Fantasy" and again where it says "Tournament Challenge". Then, it will show in the top middle "My Groups", click on "Create or Join Group". Scroll down to where it says "All Groups" and Search "SAS Youth Group 2018". It will then show that you need a password to join the group. The password is "ygfam". After you have done that, it will lead you to your bracket, which you will have to fill out. You can do that by simply clicking on each team that you think will win each round. Once you finish, click "Submit", and you are done!



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