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High School Youth Group

We offer a mission trip every summer; in 2019 it will be in Greenwood, Mississippi. Missionaries earn 40 hours.*

On the Grand Texas trip high school teens serve as mentors to students who've just graduated from eighth grade. Our mentors earn 20 service hours through this trip.

The Youth Leadership Team is a group of teens who provide leadership and peer ministry to our junior high and high school youth groups. They earn 25 service hours through a yearlong commitment.


Junior High Youth Group

In October every year our junior high youth group hosts a food drive, which lasts for 2 hours.

Every so often our junior high and high school youth groups will incorporate service projects as part of regular Sunday meetings. Projects in the past included a toy drive benefiting Toys for Tots, making sandwhiches for Open Air Ministires, and homeless care kits for the Mental Health Association.

Frequently smaller events such as our lock-ins will include a service component such as collecting socks for the men's shelter.


*Our mission philsophy

Our late pastor, Fr. Than Vu, believed that service to others should be less of a "numbers game" and more of an experience. Fr. Than wanted our teens to encounter people who were diverse in their character and their need.  

Many local high schools mandate specific numbers of service hours. The actual amount may vary by year. We assign 40 service hours to our two summer mission because it focuses our teens on the work/service/prayer/experience itself and not the "numbers game" of what they need versus what they're receiving from that mission.

We are intentional in how we participate in mission trips, as we want each event to be an experience worthy of our teens and our philsophy.

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